You may already know that North Devon Homes have now submitted a Planning Application build on our glorious central Green.   Get your objection In...

Some residents will have received a letter from North Devon Council, informing them of the application and how to object, but some haven't!

North Devon Homes have now submitted amended plans (18th November) attempting to address concerns raised by the Police with regard to crime prevention,

I have also written to the Planning Department pointing-out inconsistencies with the application, and requesting further information on a number of matters where the application is lacking. View a copy of my letter HERE

A big "thank-you" to those who have submitted objections.

If you have not objected, please do, It's VERY important!   My previous posting, explaining how to object is viewable here.  Objections need to be submitted in the next few days.

Current letters of objection are viewable Here (I have linked to them on the Council's web site, to make them easier for you to access.

If you need any further help or assistance in getting-to-grips with this, don't hesitate to contact us, or your Councillors;

Councillors for Bickington and Roundswell;

Councillor Rodney Cann

Councillor Mrs Jacqueline Flynn

Councillor Frank Biederman: County

Address: Kimberley

7 Elmfield Road Bickington

councillor for Fremington Rural

Bickington Road Barnstaple

Barnstaple EX31 2LX

8 Broadway Fremington Barnstaple

North Devon EX31 2HB

Home tel: 370546

EX31 2NR

Home tel: 372998

Home tel: 376971

David Rice/.

David & Hilary Rice, 3 Yellaford Way. 
01271 376574 or 01271 378080 



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